Important Geological Localities of the Czech Republic

The database stores data on sites in the Czech Republic which demonstrate extremely diverse geological features, occurrences of significant rocks, minerals and fossils.

It includes not only localities and areas protected on different conservation levels, but also scientifically significant and interesting sites. The reason for this is that many of these sites are equally important as the presently protected sites.

Users can search the database by using the map. For a detailed search a combination of user-defined conditions can be used.

More information on documented Important geological localities can be found on the portal of the Czech Geological Survey.

Data in the Database are continuously being completed and updated.

Database statistics (year 2024)

  • Number of registered geological sites: 3299

  • 1048 out of them belong to particularly protected areas

  • and 3047 out of them are available also in English

  • Number of additional sites to be published soon: 310

  • Number of sites with photo documentation: 2103

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