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Cihelna Kryry

General Characteristics

County (administration): Ústí nad Labem Region
District (town): Louny
Cadastre: Kryry-Černčice
Map 1 : 50 000 (sheet No): 1213, 12131
Geological region: Permo-Carboniferous and Tertiary of the Central Bohemian & Western Bohemian limnic regions
Accessibility: - passable footpath
Technical object: loam pit
Excursion locality: yes
ID : 3268


Short characteristics of the site: Permocarboniferous, Western Bohemia. Abandoned brickyard exposing unique sequence of reddish and greenish siltstones and claystones with interlayer of arkoses. Very interesting paleosol horizons. This outcrops offers interesting record of climatic changes during latest Carboniferous and Youngest Permian.
Regional geologic unit: Bohemian Massif - superficial deposits and post-Variscian magmatites - Upper Carboniferous and Permian - Central and Western Bohemian Late Palaeozoicum
Stratigraphy: paleozoikum - karbon - svrchní karbon - siles
Subject: sedimentology, stratigraphy
Geological phenomenon: concretion , deformation fabrics, incrustation, ripple marks, mudcracks, bedding, fault, characteristic rock
Genesis: sedimentary
Rock: claystone, siltstone, arkose

Territorial conservation

Level of protection: Registered geological localities suggested for protection
Protection of a geol. phenomenon: B - Geological phenomenon is the reason for a recommendation to the protection
Conflicts of interests: reclamation, ground instability, vegetation


Dosud nezpracovaná lokalita, která je předmětem současného výzkumu (projekt GAČR).

Elaboration and Updating

Elaborated by: Lojka Richard, 24.10.10


The database Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic: 3268 [online]. Prague: Czech Geological Survey, 1998 [cit. 2023-02-04]. Available from: http:// lokality.geology.cz/3268.

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