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Vysoká hole - Medvědí důl

General Characteristics

County (administration): Olomouc Region
District (town): Šumperk
Cadastre: Rejholtice
Map 1 : 50 000 (sheet No): 1424, 14244
Geological region: Silesicum and Žulová massif
Accessibility: - access without footpath
ID : 838


Short characteristics of the site: Talus on steep forested slope. The blocks of the Darkov Quartzite yielded an accumulated remains of brachiopods. These fossils prove the Pragian age. Intensive dynamic regional metamorphosis of quartzites. Stratigraphically significant locality.
Regional geologic unit: Bohemian Massif - crystalline complex and pre-Variscian Palaeozoic - Moravosilesian region - Silezicum
Stratigraphy: paleozoikum - devon
Subject: paleontology, structural geology, lithology
Geological phenomenon: fossils fauna, scree
Genesis: metamorphic (general metamorphism), sedimentary
Rock: qurtzite

Territorial conservation

Level of protection: National nature reserve in Protected landscape area
Additional information: See the Digital register of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic AOPK ČR
Protection of a geol. phenomenon: A - Protected Area: (geology is important aspect of Biological declared Locality )
Part of LEPA (Large-size especially protected areas): CHKO (Protected landscape area) - Jeseníky
Conflicts of interests: without conflicts


Chlupáč, I. (1975): Nové nálezy fauny v metamorfovaném devonu Hrubého Jeseníku a jejich význam. - Čas. Mineral. Geol., 20, 259-271. Praha. Chlupáč, I. (1989): Fossil communities in the metamorphic Lower Devonian of the Hrubý Jeseník Mts., Czechoslovakia. - N. Jb. Geol. Palaont., Abh., 177, 3, 367-392.

Elaboration and Updating

Elaborated by: Chlupáč Ivo, 29.06.93
Updated by: Gürtlerová Pavla 19.11.07


The database Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic: 838 [online]. Prague: Czech Geological Survey, 1998 [cit. 2023-12-08]. Available from: http:// lokality.geology.cz/838.

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