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Černá Voda u Žulové

General Characteristics

County (administration): Olomouc Region
District (town): Jeseník
Cadastre: Černá Voda
Map 1 : 50 000 (sheet No): 1422, 14223
Geological region: Silesicum and Žulová massif
Technical object: guarry
Excursion locality: yes
ID : 803


Short characteristics of the site: Active open pit where granitoids of the Žulová Massif are exploited. The Žulová Massif is of Variscan age, postorogenic, according to radiometric dating 300 Ma old. Petrologically significant locality.
Regional geologic unit: Bohemian Massif - crystalline complex and pre-Variscian Palaeozoic - Moravosilesian region - Silezicum
Stratigraphy: paleozoikum - devon
Subject: petrology, mineralogy

Territorial conservation

Level of protection: Registered interesting geological localities
Conflicts of interests: without conflicts



Elaboration and Updating

Elaborated by: Losos Zdeněk, 02.11.93
Updated by: Plíšek Antonín 05.02.03


The database Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic: 803 [online]. Prague: Czech Geological Survey, 1998 [cit. 2023-12-08]. Available from: http:// lokality.geology.cz/803.

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Jaroslav Aichler, 1998

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