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General Characteristics

County (administration): Liberec Region
District (town): Semily
Cadastre: Buřany
Map 1 : 50 000 (sheet No): 0341, 03411
Geological region: Lužice Pluton and Krkonoše-Jizera Massif; Krkonoše-Jizera crystalline complex
Excursion locality: yes
ID : 569


Short characteristics of the site: Natural outcrops, also cliffs. Conglomerates of the Lower Paleozoic of the Krkonoše Crystalline (Poniklá Group according to Chaloupský et al. 1989). The Paleozoic conglomerates are petromictic with a large spectrum of clasts. Petrologically sinificant locality. It is important for the provenance study of psammo-pelitic members of the metasediments of the Krkonoše-Jizera Crystalline Unit. The Early Palaeozoic age is derived from the high content of calst derived from Neoproterozoic to Late Cambrian granitoids and their metamorphic envelope.
Regional geologic unit: Bohemian Massif - crystalline complex and pre-Variscian Palaeozoic - Lugicum - Krkonoše-Jizerské hory Mts.crystalline complex
Stratigraphy: paleozoikum
Subject: petrology, structural geology, stratigraphy
Geological phenomenon: rock, outcrop, characteristic rock
Genesis: sedimentary, metamorphic (general metamorphism), tectonic
Rock: conglomerate, phyllite

Territorial conservation

Level of protection: Registred geological localities suggested to protection in National park
Protection of a geol. phenomenon: B - Geological phenomenon is the reason for a recommendation to the protection
Part of LEPA (Large-size especially protected areas): NP (National park) - Krkonoše
Conflicts of interests: without conflicts


Chaloupský J., Teisseyre, H., 1968: Geology of the West Sudeten. - Guide to Excursion 8 AC, International geolog. congress, XXIII session, Prague 1968, str. 18 - 19. Praha.

Elaboration and Updating

Elaborated by: Drozen Jan, 22.10.01
Updated by: Dašková Jiřina 25.10.01, Mrázová Štěpánka 22.10.09, Kachlík Václav 11.11.12


The database Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic: 569 [online]. Prague: Czech Geological Survey, 1998 [cit. 2023-12-08]. Available from: http:// lokality.geology.cz/569.

Location in map:

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Silně deformované metakonglomeráty s valouny hornin., Václav Kachlík, 2000
Kvarcit bohatý limonitem., Václav Kachlík, 2000
Až 40 cm velký ostrohraný úlomek silicitu ve středu snímku, kolem cm valouny hornin, silně deformované., Václav Kachlík, 2000

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