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Přibyslavice, lom č.4

General Characteristics

County (administration): Central Bohemia Region
District (town): Kutná Hora
Cadastre: Přibyslavice
Map 1 : 50 000 (sheet No): 1343, 13431
Geological region: Bohemian Moldanubicum
Accessibility: - passable footpath
Technical object: guarry
Excursion locality: yes
ID : 1423


Short characteristics of the site: MOldanubian magmatites. Abandoned quarry exposing a body of leucocratic muscovite-turmalin orthogneiss, so called the Pribyslavice orthogneiss. Also interesting granite type occurs in this quarry, muscovite granite with garnet. This rock is geochemically specific, it is enriched in tin and niob and poor in phosphor. This granite is penetrated by 100 cm thick vein of pegmatite. Rare tin-bearing mineral nigerite was found in this pegmatite rock.
Regional geologic unit: Bohemian Massif - crystalline complex and pre-Variscian Palaeozoic - Moldanubicum - Magmatites in Moldanubicum
Stratigraphy: variské (hercynské) stáří vyvřelin
Subject: petrology, mineralogy
Geological phenomenon: outcrop, mineral
Genesis: magmatic
Rock: granite, pegmatite

Territorial conservation

Level of protection: Registered geological localities suggested for protection
Protection of a geol. phenomenon: B - Geological phenomenon is the reason for a recommendation to the protection
Conflicts of interests: waste disposal


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Elaboration and Updating

Elaborated by: Breiter Karel, 02.12.02
Updated by: Štěpánek Petr 14.09.10


The database Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic: 1423 [online]. Prague: Czech Geological Survey, 1998 [cit. 2021-10-27]. Available from: http:// lokality.geology.cz/1423.

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Lom v centru největšího tělesa leukokrátní muskovit-turmalinické ortoruly, tzv. přibyslavické ortoruly., Motyčková Kamila - Šír Jiří, 2015
Celkový pohled. V pravé části žíla pegmatitu (světlá)., Karel Breiter, 2002

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